PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

Phone sensor monitors your enviornment for toxins and a Barbecue sensor notifies when food is ready.

Laura Chase
  • 28 july 2013

Each week PSFK features many new and innovative apps. To highlight the some of the best, we’ve compiled a roundup of the most interesting and creative apps written about on the site these past seven days:

Monitor The Environment For Harmful Toxins And EMFs

Mini Phone Sensor Monitors The Enviornment For Harmful Toxins

Lapka Pro is a free iPhone app that accompanies the personal environment monitor  to measure your surroundings for elements like radioactivity and humidity.


Barbecue Sensor Notifies Griller When Food Is Ready

The BBiQ is a Bluetooth sensor and app that notifies the  griller when it’s time to flip the food, when to add seasoning, and when the food is cooked. That leaves the cook free while waiting for the food to be ready.


Compass App Navigates Without Maps Or Directions

Crowsflight  is a GPS app that points to the right direction and doesn’t provide any other instructions nor does it show any maps that the user can follow. It can be downloaded free on iTunes

E-Commerce App Assembles Personalized Shopping Catalogs

E-Commerce Platform Knows What Shoppers Want To Buy Before They Do

The Wish app knows what users want to buy and creates personalized feeds of products for them to browse. The service also allows online merchants to upload their own products, which Wish will push into the recommendation streams of those most likely to buy them.

pixie scientific

Are Babies The New Frontier For Wearable Tech?

New York start-up Pixie Scientific has developed a ‘smart diaper’ that can detect possible urinary tract infections, kidney dysfunction and dehydration. The accompanying smartphone app can transmit the information directly to a physician.

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