The sportswear brand's new line of running shoes shrinks to fit when heated with a hairdryer.

The running shoe industry seem to be obsessed with making minimalist shoes, which culminated in the barefoot running shoes that let you run as your Cro-Magnon forefathers ran to catch prey. Sportswear brand Reebok has a new range of sneakers, U-FORM+, that come even closer to that barefoot feeling by having a shoe that molds to fit the precise contours of your foot – at least the middle and heel parts of it.

Top athletes have custom-fitted shoes, but for Reebok customers, all they need is a pair of U-FORM+ and a hairdryer. When heated by the hairdryer for two minutes, a synthetic mesh material on the top and back of the shoe becomes malleable so as soon as the shoe is put on, it begins to mold to the wearer's foot. Within two minutes, the shoe cools to the shape of the foot. Reebok says this will provide a more snug fit which means more comfort and better performance.

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