Nature Sounds App Turns Camera Flash Into Lightning Bolts [Video]

Nature Sounds App Turns Camera Flash Into Lightning Bolts [Video]

Thunderspace creates a relaxing audiovisual experience with stereoscopic 3D audio and fake lightning created by user's phone.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 11 july 2013

Most relaxation apps offer the soothing sounds of nature to lull us to sleep or at least calm us down while we feel ‘one with nature.’

Taptanium’s new relaxation app Thunderspace adds a light touch to make ‘being one with nature’ just a tad bit more convincing.

While most relaxation apps focus on sounds, Thunderspace includes something visual by using the camera flash to create ‘lightning flashes’ to go with the thunderstorm sounds.

Aside from the faux lightning, Thunderspace uses stereoscopic 3D audio to make the audiovisual experience more realistic.

Thunderspace was developed by the same creator of the weather app Haze, which gives weather information in a visual way and not just with text and numbers.

Thunderspace Photo 6

Thunderspace Photo 2

Check out this promotional video of the app below.


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