Taxidermy Busts Molded From Rifle Bullets [Pics]

Taxidermy Busts Molded From Rifle Bullets [Pics]
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Artist Courtney Timmermans turns traditional taxidermy on its head, creating busts of wild animals with metallic BB gun shells.

Daniela Walker
  • 25 july 2013

The art of stuffing and mounting animals has seen a resurgence as of late, but artist Courtney Timmermans has taken a new approach to taxidermy in her latest work, Urban Herd, which sees exotic animals such as elephants and lions molded out of BB bullets and mounted as busts.

Timmermans used thousands of pellets to create the intricately crafted animal heads. From afar, a viewer cannot tell that the stoic creatures are crafted from bullets, but up close the metallic pellets bring to the fore questions about taxidermy, hunting and how many of these wild animals actually meet their demise by bullet and become hunting trophies.

Urban Herd will be on view at the Jean Albano Gallery through August 24th, and if you aren’t in Chicago to see Timmermans’ ball bearing busts, check out the gallery below:

Courtney Timmermans

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