Samsung Concept Video Teases Flexible Mobile Displays [Video]

Samsung Concept Video Teases Flexible Mobile Displays [Video]

Video from a recent conference demonstrates the possibility of a bendable screen debuting in the near future.

Daniela Walker
  • 11 july 2013

Samsung has made no secret of their work on bendable displays for smartphones and tablets, but they continue to hint at its future possibilities, this time at VentureBeat’s mobile conference, MobileBeat.

In the video below, taken by a conference audience member (there is no official video just yet), the South Korean tech company shows off a slim smartphone that can be folded outwards to become a full-sized tablet. The malleability of the screen allows for a flexible configurations for whatever the task is at hand. Also in the video, which is only showing a concept not an actual product, the same technology used to make the bendable screen is used as a piece of wearable tech, where a woman does a health check by using a patch with radio waves to penetrate the skin without drawing blood. Of course, she then uses her flexible smartphone to send the results off to her doctor.

This is all in the world of concept right now, while the possibility of flexible displays is very real and has already been shown as a prototype, the innards of a smartphone are much more rigid. But it seems Samsung is inching closer and closer to a bendable display.

Watch the handheld video of the presentation by Ina Fried at AllThingsD below:



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