Samsung Lets Homeowners See What New TVs Would Look Like In Their Living Room [Video]

Samsung Lets Homeowners See What New TVs Would Look Like In Their Living Room [Video]

The Smart TV AR Simulator enables users to see what various models would look like in context.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 july 2013

The Samsung Smart TV AR Simulator app lets users see what Samsung’s Smart TV models would look like in their own homes. By printing out an AR marker, downloading and activating the Android app, the chosen model will appear on the screen of the mobile device.

The AR Simulator offers the chance to simulate Smart TVs in a space and experience its new features. This enables users to get a hyper realistic vision of how different models will fit in their personal spaces.

Samsung App Lets Homeowners Envision A New TV In Their Living Room [Video]

The UI was designed for simple operation across multiple Android devices, providing clear visuals to let users immerse themselves in the AR experience. The simulations also include 3D motion elements that immediately grab people’s attention.

As well as providing the latest AR technology, the app also explains the features of Samsung’s Smart TVs in an easy-to-understand and enjoyable way. You can see the app in action in the video below:


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