Scandalous Plastic Bags Aim To Discourage Their Own Use [Pics]

Scandalous Plastic Bags Aim To Discourage Their Own Use [Pics]
Design & Architecture

Bags that make people looks like sex addicts and terrorists make it clear that plastic waste isn't a good idea.

Ross Brooks
  • 30 july 2013

In an attempt to make using plastic bags a less appealing option – creative agency Mother, have designed a carrier bag that will make you think twice about whether you really need one.

Available in four flavors – robber, junkie, sex addict and terrorist – the bags force your to consider whether the stares and judgement of the general public are a price worth paying for a plastic bag.

This is the agency’s second range of bags designed to put people off – their first was called Uncarriable Bags and launched back in 2005. It featured motifs such as a sperm bank clinic,  Texas gay republicans, and fried dolphins.


While the designs themselves are light-hearted and often amusing, they address an underlying problem that has real-world implications.


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