Photo App Scans Real Life Objects Into Video Games [Pics]

Photo App Scans Real Life Objects Into Video Games [Pics]

Dekko has built an iOS app that scans real-world items and recreates them in the Minecraft game.

Daniela Walker
  • 12 july 2013

A new iOS application, currently waiting approval in the App Store, will blur the lines between reality and the block-built virtual reality of the popular sandbox game Minecraft. DekkoScan, created by a small company Dekko, lets users scan pictures of objects around them, which are then ‘cubified’ and recreated in the Minecraft world.

The app uses your phone or tablet’s camera to scan the selected object. The app then overlays a 3D grid and allows the user to see a wireframe and a camera view before generating the image. The app then creates a zip file which can be exported into the Minecraft game to recreate the object. Though it is not a 1:1 recreation, the object makes a rather tidy transfer to the virtual world.

Check out the gallery below to see an owl balloon become a block statue:

DekkoScan on Reddit

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