Barbecue Sensor Notifies Griller When Food Is Ready

Barbecue Sensor Notifies Griller When Food Is Ready

The BBiQ keeps an eye on the food so the cook can go and hang out with guests.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 july 2013

The creators of BBiQ call it a ‘brain for your barbecue.’ Your barbecue grill, that is. The BBiQ is a Bluetooth sensor and app designed to make the duties of a grillmaster easier and more convenient.

The BBiQ keeps an eye on the food so that the griller doesn’t have to hover around the heat to check the food at all times. The device notifies the  griller when it’s time to flip the food, when to add seasoning, and when the food is cooked. That leaves the cook free to hang out and mingle with everyone else while waiting for the food to be ready.


The device works with an Android app. The user simply inputs the type of food and the app will tell him or her what do. It can even help out when cooking different types of food. The app will tell the user which food to put on the grill first, when to put the next one, or where to place what on the grill.

The creators of BBiQ are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to improve the hardware and software of the device. They want to make the device smaller and also to improve the Android app by adding more recipes and social sharing features. There are also plans to create an iOS version.



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