Shark-Proof Wetsuits Ward Off Deadly Attacks

Shark-Proof Wetsuits Ward Off Deadly Attacks
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Scientists and designers developed underwater clothing designed to camouflage the wearer and warn them of nearby predators.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 july 2013

Scientists from the University of Western Australia, the folks over at Shark Attack Mitigation Systems, and Ray Smith, who used to design for Quiksilver, have created two kinds of wetsuits that are designed to deter shark attacks.

One wetsuit works by making the wearer ‘invisible’ to sharks. The suit is designed based on the concept that sharks are color blind. The suit with the Cryptic Pattern is meant to make the wearer difficult to see in the water. The pattern on the suit not only makes it difficult for a shark to see, but it also blends with the colors of the underwater environment. This wetsuit is designed for swimming, snorkeling and diving.

The other wetsuit with the Warning Pattern works by warding off sharks by making the wearer look overtly unlike any shark prey. This wetsuit is designed for swimming, surfing, and shallow diving.


The suits have been in development for two years and have been tested in the water early this year. The tests were filmed by a National Geographic crew for a feature piece scheduled for this month.

SAMS partnered with online distributor Radiator Wetsuits for the sale of the wetsuits, which retail at $495.

Shark Attack Mitigation Systems

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