Japan's Konaka Co., Ltd, has developed a line of suits, shirts, and accessories that don't require dry cleaning. Just rinse and hang to dry.

Unlike almost all suits which require periodic dry cleaning, or at the least machine washing, Konaka's Shower Clean Suit can be washed quickly and easily right in shower. Simply spray the suit with water for several minutes then just hang it up to dry. The process effectively removes dirt, stains and odors, and leaves your suit wrinkle free and properly creased within a few hours, saving time and money while eliminating the use of harmful chemicals.

Developed by Australian Wool Innovation Limited, the materials used in the composition of the suit contain of a blend of marino wool and polyester as well as water-soluble threads which dissolve in the final production stage leaving a lightweight and breathable fabric. The suit is then treated with a dirt and water repellent as well as a natural amino acid that prevents wrinkling. This innovative process allows the suit to be sprayed clean without requiring detergent or ironing.

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