Siri’s Developers Are Building A Predictive Desktop Assistant

Siri’s Developers Are Building A Predictive Desktop Assistant

Bright is software that could eventually know what information users need before they request it.

Emma Hutchings
  • 2 july 2013

Nonprofit R&D institute SRI, which developed Siri, is building an intelligent assistant called Bright. This predictive technology, described as a “cognitive desktop,” could eventually know what information a user needs before they ask for it.

Siri’s Developers Are Building A Desktop Predictive Assistant

The new human-machine interaction paradigm leverages state-of-the-art computing power and sensor systems. It’s creators hope that it will increase efficiency and effectiveness for users that are cognitively loaded and heavily tasked, reducing critical errors and learning curves associated with complex systems.

Bright consists of large flat-panel displays and video cameras that track a user’s moves, show where they’re looking and display a real-time log of their actions. MIT Technology Review reports that the technology could be used in laptops and smartphones in the future, as predictive software that automatically brings up program listings when you’re about to sit down and watch TV, or searches the web for information relevant to your latest research project without being asked. You can check out Bright in the video below:


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