Solar-Powered Headphones Charge Gadgets [Pics]

Solar-Powered Headphones Charge Gadgets [Pics]

The OnBeat Solar Headphones allows wearers to charge their smartphone or tablet while on the go.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 8 july 2013

Since many of us can’t be parted from our smartphones and devices for any length of time, tech companies have come up with many different ways for people to charge up gadgets while out and about. A Glasgow-based company has developed an interesting alternative to portable chargers, these solar-powered headphones.

The OnBeat Solar Headphones has an integrated solar panel on the headband. The solar cell connects to lightweight lithium ion batteries housed inside the ear cups. The headphones collect solar energy and store it in the rechargeable batteries. Users can connect their smartphones or tablets via USB to charge them up while on the go. The headphones can also be charged by connecting it via USB to a computer or by plugging it into an electrical socket.


The OnBeat creators partnered with Centreline Design to develop them, and now the company is now looking to fund production via Kickstarter. They’re planning to sell the solar headphones at a retail price of £119, but early birds can pre-order the headphones for £69. The company estimates to deliver by February of next year.

View more photos of the OnBeat solar headphones below.

Watch this video for more about the headphones.

OnBeat Solar Headphones

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