Audio Recorder Keeps Songwriters Organized

Audio Recorder Keeps Songwriters Organized

App developers leverage mobile technology to improve the work flow of songwriters by combining note-taking and recording capabilities.

Plus Aziz
  • 10 july 2013

Songwriters aren’t typically the most organized individuals in the world. While some of them shy away from the world of technology entirely, most are embracing the power of everything from crowdfunding platforms to mobile technology to improve their work flow. This is the opportunity that the developers of Hum are acting on.

Hum is an “audio recorder meets note-taking” app that organizes ideas, lyrics, melodies, and riffs into one sortable location. Instead of using voice memos or the notes app, songwriters can take down recordings and/or song lyrics, combining them or keeping them separate. In addition, each note can be tagged by key, tuning, and mood, so that users can sort and search through their material more easily. Additionally, it has built-in features enabling songwriters to loop chord progressions and follow a metronome.

The founders of the Hum Aaron Shekey, Joseph Kuefler, and Bob Walton are currently raising funds to develop the app on Kickstarter. Check out the video below to get a better idea of their larger vision for songwriters

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