Suspension Bridge Lets Visitors Walk Straight Off A Cliff [Pics]

Suspension Bridge Lets Visitors Walk Straight Off A Cliff [Pics]
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Located on the Dachstein Massif in Austria, this architectural wonder gives the feeling of standing on thin air.

Ross Brooks
  • 10 july 2013

Some tourists don’t like to stick with the crowd, preferring to seek out a unique vantage point or a more thrilling experience that can’t be compared with the usual fanfare. That’s exactly what this sky-high attraction in the Austrian Alps aims to offer.

Located on the Dachstein Massif, one of the Alpine peaks – sits a glass platform 400-meters (1,300-foot) above the ground. Visitors have to first cross a suspension bridge, as well as 14 steps off the side of the mountain, before reaching a glass platform suspended in mid-air.


The reward for such a terrifying endeavour is an unparalleled view of the alpine landscape, not to mention the feeling of hovering thousands of feet above the ground.

Now, you just have to decide if your fear of heights is enough to deter you, take a look at the pictures to see what you could be missing:

Dachstein Massif


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