UNICEF Machine Purifies Sweat Into Drinkable Water [Pics]

UNICEF Machine Purifies Sweat Into Drinkable Water [Pics]

The Sweat Machine raises awareness about the global clean drinking water deficit and sparks thought about alternative solutions.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 16 july 2013

As part of their efforts to raise awareness about the lack of clean water in many parts of the world, UNICEF and Gothia Cup, in partnership with creative agency Deportivo and engineer Andreas Hammar, have developed the Sweat Machine.

The Sweat Machine extracts sweat from clothing and puts it through a purification process to turn it into clean drinkable water.


The machine was launched during the opening of the Gothia Cup, the largest international youth football tournament, and will be on hand for the rest of the tournament. Participants and visitors are invited to submit their sweat-drenched clothes, or to accept the challenge of drinking a glass of water from the Sweat Machine.


View the video clip below to see the Sweat Machine at work.

UNICEF / Gothia Cup

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