Talking Window Ads Conduct Sound Through Commuter’s Skulls [Video]

Talking Window Ads Conduct Sound Through Commuter’s Skulls [Video]

Sky Go’s new campaign is played by the glass on trains when people rest their heads against them.

Emma Hutchings
  • 2 july 2013

Sky Go has showcased a new media innovation for trains. As commuters often rest their head against the windows, ‘the talking window’ causes them to hear a voice inside their head which no one else can hear.

Talking Windows Conduct Sound Through Commuter’s Skulls [Video]

This is made possible by utilizing a small transmitter attached to the window that sends out inaudible high frequency vibrations, which are translated into sound by the brain. This is known as bone conduction technology.

This silent, vibrating method transforms train windows into a revolutionary new audio medium. Although it might disturb passengers who like to get some sleep during their journey.

You can check out the talking window in the video below:

Sky Go


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