Wooden Sunglasses Created Using Traditional Boat-Building Methods

Wooden Sunglasses Created Using Traditional Boat-Building Methods
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Applying old world skills to a product usually focused on high-tech materials creates a classic look for this eyewear line.

Ross Brooks
  • 3 july 2013

Fritz is the man responsible for taking an age-old (and unexpected) set of crafting skills and applying them to an industry that normally prides itself on high-tech materials.

Sunglasses might not seem like the best product for a boat builder to be focussing his time on, but the results speak for themselves. Beautifully hand-crafted sunglasses that use a variety of timbers and traditional techniques to give each pair a unique character.


Born and raised in Germany on Rugen Island in the Baltic Sea, Fritz is a wooden boat builder by trade. After mastering sailing yachts, he experimented with furniture, kite-boards and other objects. Nowadays, the entrepreneur craftsman claims that deigning sunglasses enriches his life with beauty and meaning, two of life’s essential rewards.

Fritz is based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia where he spends most of his time in the workshop crafting new pieces – each pair of sunglasses takes 10 hours to complete.

The craftsmen has plans to refine his productions facilities over the coming months and years, as well as explore an artisan jewellery range made from miniature frames.


If you’re like the small but devoted following of fans who support Fritz and his frames, chances are you will be captivated by his sunglasses.

Fritz Frames

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