The car brand's RAV4 product website was brought to life in an outdoor bike trail in Johannesburg.

Toyota Africa partnered with ad agency DraftFCB Johannesburg and digital company Hellocomputer to bring the Toyota RAV4 product site to life in an outdoor bike trail at the Bryanston Cycle Park in Johannesburg.

Digital content from the product website were brought to life on a 1.8-km cycling track that was fitted with sensors, custom-built mechanisms, and WiFi. There were wooden overhead panels with a menu bar that featured different sections or ‘web pages' such as Models, Design, Safety, Interior, and Book a Test Drive. Riders had to select which section to go to by tapping wooden buttons along the trail. Choosing an option would trigger other buttons along the trail to change. Information would pop up along the track as the cyclists go through the different ‘web pages.'  The participants were also able to tweet during their ride by tapping on wooden Twitter buttons along the tack.

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