Traveling Slaughterhouse Brings Butchery Education To Farmers

Traveling Slaughterhouse Brings Butchery Education To Farmers

Brandon Sheard is on a quest to bring back human slaughtering methods for local meat.

Ross Brooks
  • 25 july 2013

Brandon Sheard has spent the last three years hosting online, and in-person classes to teach farmers about the old-school methods for humanely slaughtering animals. Proving to be such a success, he now has plans to make it a mobile operation.

Sheard taught these classes from Vashon Island in Puget Sound, where he lived with his wife and three kids. Expanding from there means that his mobile butchery education would be aimed at the hundreds of small farmers based in and around Puget Sound, Washington state, and Oregon.


As he explains it:

The agrarian renaissance is booming like crazy out here, farmers with like five acres and a farm stand.

Unlike other custom slaughter and butcher outfits, Sheard would drive his business right on to a farmer’s plot, slaughtering the animals on the spot – a practice that used to be a regular aspect of animal agriculture.

He’d also teach the farmer how to take the animal apart, taking the carcass back to his own butchery to make the actual cuts. Farmers would also receive a discount if Sheard is granted permission to host a class around the farmer’s animal carcass.


All of this would mean a move back to more traditional methods of agriculture, and away from the centralized systems currently in place today. A move which would give responsibility and knowledge back to the farmers themselves.

Sheard is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for his own shop and license – a much better alternative to his own kitchen, which is his current base of operations.

Brandon Sheard


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