Tray-Free Printer Eats Away At Piles Of Paper [Pics]

Tray-Free Printer Eats Away At Piles Of Paper [Pics]

In one end and out the other, a printer design that doesn't jam and needs a lot less attention.

Ross Brooks
  • 31 july 2013

An ever-present problem with printers is the paper jam – an issue that causes frustration and wastes a lot of time. Mugi Yamamoto is an industrial designer who approached this problem by removing the paper tray altogether – resulting in a compact printer called Stack.

Instead of using a tray, you just place Stack directly on top of a pile of paper – it then slowly “eats” it’s way down the pile until there’s nothing left. At the same time, your printed work exits via the top of the printer – giving you a jam-free printing experience.


Another reason for removing the paper tray according to Yamamoto, is to remove the bulkiest element of printer design, as well as reduce the need for constant refilling of the tray.

Mugi Yamamoto

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