The Suitcase House Hotel contains customizable horizontal floor panels that when opened, reveal habitable spaces.

Near the Great Wall of China, there sits an unusual house. The ‘Suitcase House Hotel,’ designed by architect Gary Chang is an empty wooden box, 44 meters long and 5 meters wide, it has multiple entrances but does not have any furniture or walls. Rather the house is built in layers, with a series of horizontal doors that open to reveal rooms and furnishing beneath the floor.

Walls can be created in an instant because the wooden floor panels are attached to pneumatic brackets – one pull, and a wall is formed. Beneath the floorboards are all the amenities a regular house may need, a kitchen, bathroom, music room, library and even a sauna. It can comfortably house up to 14 people in any number of rooms. The house’s design allows for endless design configurations, from a completely open plan house to a series of bracketed off spaces.

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