Urinal Doubles As A Sink To Conserve Water [Pics]

Urinal Doubles As A Sink To Conserve Water [Pics]
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An environmental initiative that encourages men to was their hands at the same time.

Ross Brooks
  • 10 july 2013

Stand is a urinal that tries to tackle two problems at the same time– water shortages around Europe, and men not washing their hands after using the restroom.

Latvian designer Kaspar Jursons says:

It’s not just a fancy piece of art.

Combining function and consumption, you’re able to wash your hands in the top part of the urinal, which runs directly into the bowl, allowing the same water you used on your hands to flush the urinal. This replaces the current model of flushing, then washing, which uses twice as much water.


The urinal currently sells for about $590 per unit. They’re getting manufactured on a small scale and have already sold to buyers in Norway, Germany, Russia, Poland, and Latvia.

Apart from the thousands of liters of water it’s already saved, the design is a hard-to-miss reminder to wash your hands before leaving the restroom.


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