Urine-Analyzing Toilets Warn Clubgoers Against Drunk Driving

Urine-Analyzing Toilets Warn Clubgoers Against Drunk Driving

Innovative idea in Singapore helps the government tackle drivers who are operating cars with blood alcohol that is over the legal limit.

Ross Brooks
  • 17 july 2013

Zouk is one of the hottest clubs in South East Asia, and in an attempt to help the government in Singapore reduce cases of drunk driving, has developed a urinal that can tell how much you’ve had to drink.

The urinal was created in partnership with the marketing agency DDB Group.

The process starts when you hand over your keys to the club’s valet, who instead of the usual parking coupon, hands you an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) tag instead.


All of the urinals are able to detect this tag when you go to use them – they are also able to detect how much you’ve had to drink using urine analysis.

If your alcohol level is above the legal limit, the card is tagged and a message displayed above the urinal. It informs you that you’ve had too much to drink and advises calling a cab or using Zouk’s drive home system.

When leaving the club, the valet counter is also able to identify potential drunk drivers by their RFID tag, who are asked to take a taxi, or make use of the club’s drive home system.

During a two-week period, over 573 drunk drivers were detected, out of which 342 opted to leave their cars at the club and have somebody else take them home.


Having proved so successful, the device is currently being rolled out nationwide and could well be something found in clubs elsewhere around the world very soon.


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