Office Desks Salvage Vintage Airplane Parts [Pics]

Office Desks Salvage Vintage Airplane Parts [Pics]
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World War II bombers and other aircraft turned into custom office furniture

Ross Brooks
  • 17 july 2013

California-based company MotoArt has created a unique niche for themselves, designing striking pieces of furniture made from various parts of salvaged aircrafts.

Probably more comparable to modern art than industrial design, all of the desks have their own unique characteristics, many of which are drawn from the original plane each desk is modelled on.

Some desks have an overwhelming sense of history, east to understand when you realize some were used during the Korean and Vietnam wars to haul troops, cargo, and weaponry. Others, were designed in the 1940s and tell their own story of a bygone era.


Each piece requires a significant investment of time, anywhere up to and over 120 hours. It’s possible for each to be customized to specific customer desires as well.

Take a look at the desk and try to imagine what it would be like working on one for the day.


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