Navigation System Projects Phone Directions Onto The Windshield

Navigation System Projects Phone Directions Onto The Windshield

The company has come out with a heads-up display designed to keep drivers looking ahead.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 9 july 2013

Leading satellite navigation and GPS solutions provider, Garmin has come out with a heads-up display unit that connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and beams navigation data from your phone onto the windshield.

The heads-up display unit projects the navigation instructions onto a transparent film or a reflector lens attached to the windshield. The unit is designed to make sure navigation directions are kept in the drivers’ line of sight so they won’t have to look away from the road.


The heads-up display can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and it gets navigation information from Garmin apps StreetPilot for iPhone or NAVIGON for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 8. The unit can project turn indicators, speed, traffic information, and even the location of upcoming safety cameras.

According to Garmin the heads-up display unit will be able to adjust the brightness level to make sure that the data projections are always visible to the driver.



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