Activity Tracker Ecosystem Helps People Lead A Healthier Life [Future Of Home Living]

Activity Tracker Ecosystem Helps People Lead A Healthier Life [Future Of Home Living]

Smart tracker and body analyzer from Withings accurately monitor users health.

  • 28 july 2013

The marketplace for connected health products, wearable monitoring devices and health apps continues to expand, keeping pace with a growing awareness amongst consumers that personal health extends beyond the walls of their physician’s office. A 2011 study conducted by ABI Research, predicts that by 2016 wearable wireless sensors for fitness and wellbeing will surpass 80 million devices and annual health-related app downloads will reach one billion. These are staggering numbers that highlight the huge upside and mainstreaming of this category, pointing to new data-centric model for leading our daily lives.


Along these lines, we wanted to look at the latest releases from Withings as an example of our Quantified Lifestyle trend from our Future of Home Living report. The company, who was an early entrant in the connected health products and apps market with its original W-iFi enabled scale, is expanding its suite of connected products and services with two devices that further provide a big picture view on an individual’s health: the Withings Smart Activity Tracker and the Withings Smart Body Analyzer. In a company press release, Cédric Hutchings, CEO and co-founder of Withings, said “Understanding and analyzing your fitness is the first step to improving it,” underscoring the need for products that can capture that data.


The Smart Activity Tracker is a small device carried in the user’s pocket or on their waistband that tracks activity, heart rate and sleep patterns. The Withings Smart Body Analyzer is a WiFi-enabled scale that checks weight, BMI and body fat, as well as indoor air quality. Used in combination, heart rate can be measured by stepping on the scale in the morning and logged at any time during the day using the activity tracker. Both devices are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-equipped to sync health data with the cloud via the Withings iPhone or Android app. Both products are designed to seamlessly fit into a person’s lifestyle without requiring any major change in daily habits, contributing to their overall effectiveness.

Technologies like Withings Smart Body Analyzer and Activity Tracker fall under a larger theme we’re calling Equilibrium, which points to the way architects and designers are integrating feelings of balance, health, and well-being into people’s living spaces and everyday lives.

Withings Smart Activity Tracker

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

PSFK has announced the latest in a series of trend reports. Following studies into retailsocial mediagamingwork and mobile, the PSFK Labs consulting team have generated the Future of Home Living report. That report manifests as a free summary presentation, an in-depth downloadable PDF and an exhibition in New York City that runs to August 16.

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