Zaha Hadid Shoe Has An Impossible Form [Video]

Zaha Hadid Shoe Has An Impossible Form [Video]
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The NOVA shoe was designed in collaboration with United Nude and uses architectural concepts.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 july 2013

Zaha Hadid designed the NOVA shoe in collaboration with United Nude, which is injected with Hadid’s architectural language of curves and impossible forms. The futuristic shoe appears to lack any supporting heel and is made out of leather and chromed rubber.

Zaha Hadid’s Shoe Has 6' Heel That Appears Completely Unsupported [Video]

Launched this week, the limited edition haute couture shoe is a revolutionary design that combines innovative materialization and ergonomic consideration. Guided by her 30 years of experience working with complex structural principles on all scale levels, Hadid developed a cantilevered system that allows the staggering 6.25 inch heel to appear completely unsupported.

The NOVA shoe design transcends the disciplines of fashion and architecture. Techniques such as injection- and rotation molding were combined with hand-molded methods, such as vacuum casting to create the shoe.

Zaha Hadid’s Shoe Has 6' Heel That Appears Completely Unsupported [Video]

The upper combines metallic chromed vinyl rubber and is lined with the highest quality Italian kid nappa leathers. The hidden platform and heel are composed of fiberglass and the outsole is made of rubber.

NOVA will come as numbered limited editions of 100 per color and will be available at select stores including L’eclaireur in Paris and the Zaha Hadid design and United Nude online stores. You can see more of the new shoe in the video below:

United Nude

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