Zuckerberg Rewrites Iconic American Poem For Immigration Reform

Zuckerberg Rewrites Iconic American Poem For Immigration Reform

A poem originally meant for immigrants fleeing injustice gets an update for the tech era.

Ross Brooks
  • 5 july 2013

Mark Zuckerberg has helped to re-write a legendary poem about immigration in support of the immigration reform movement.

Entitled “Emma” after the poet Emma Lazarus, is an altered version of “The New Colossus” – the poem engraved on a tablet at the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

A poem that was once meant to show people of the world that America is a place they could come to escape injustice in their own countries, now represents a place where others can come to seek creative and entrepreneurial opportunities.

This is highlighted in particular by the line:

Give me the influencers and the dreamers. Talent that is searching for purpose. Those dedicated to the doing.

A call to those who can’t find opportunities to channel their creativity, or find support for their latest entrepreneurial endeavour.

Other lines from the poem remain unchanged, including:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and “I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

While some feel it is a testament to the changing state of affairs around the world, others feel it does injustice to the original poem, as well as the current situation when it comes to immigration laws in the US.

Watch the ad featuring the new poem below.

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