3D Prints Morph Into Human Sculptures

3D Prints Morph Into Human Sculptures
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3D printed facial masks that bring digital simulacrums into the physical world.

Laura Chase
  • 22 august 2013

The latest innovations in 3D printing and augmented reality are morphing the human form to become even more realistic and somehow magical.

Mask-like human face sculptures form the ‘Replicants’ series by Lorna Barnshaw, a UK-based fine art student. The series is inspired by creating digital simulacrums of the physical world. Barnhaw’s passion for the convergence of digital art and sculpting has led her to created a triptych of 3D Prints that represent human faces. Each facial sculpture has a different aesthetic depending on the different computer applications and software used in its creation, such as Autodesk, 3D scanning or computer animation. “I interfered with the software as little as possible, comparing the digital attempts at replicating reality”, Barnshaw expresses in her website.

Her work, along with many other emerging artists was recently displayed at Squieze.

lorna 1

lorna 3

lorna 4


lorna 5

Lorna Barnshaw

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