3D-Printed Light Bulb Shaped Like A City Skyline [Pics]

3D-Printed Light Bulb Shaped Like A City Skyline [Pics]

David Graas designed the Huddle bulbshade featuring city buildings rising out of it.

Emma Hutchings
  • 8 august 2013

Designer David Graas‘ bulbshade features a crowded cityscape rising out of it, with high rise buildings huddling close together. ‘Huddle’ is a 3D printed shade that directly mounts onto an LED bulb, eliminating the need for a fixture. Graas writes:

Soon 3D printing will be a standard feature of modern city infrastructure with a 3-d print shop on every street corner. A whole new way of making things without the usual transport of materials and products. Only the digital data defining these products traveling the globe. Your products printed on demand and right where you want them.

3D-Printed Light Bulb Shaped Like A City Skyline [Pics]

The pendant version (€185) comes with a 5 Watt quality LED bulb, cable and lamp holder. The floor version (€275) includes a black stand and dimmable LED bulb. Click through to see more images of the 3D printed bulbshade:

David Graas

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