Final Fantasy Characters Transformed Into 3D-Printed Figurines [Pics]

Final Fantasy Characters Transformed Into 3D-Printed Figurines [Pics]

Artist bringing his favorite animations to life.

Ross Brooks
  • 16 august 2013

Joaquin Baldwin is a Los Angeles-based animator and director who’s created a few animated films in his time – but more recently he turned his attention to the world of Final Fantasy VII and the art of 3D printing.

After ripping the 3D models from the 1998 PC version of the game, Baldwin had to convert them to a modern file format, fix any holes or glitches, manually color and texture them, as well as hollow out the initial prototypes to make them cheaper to print. A self-confessed fan of the game, it just goes to show what kind of effort fans are willing to expend in the name of Final Fantasy.


Despite their popularity, Square Enix were quick to react in protecting their intellectual property, recently issuing an order for the models to be taken down – meaning they’re no longer available for sale.

You can look and long for an official version if you consider yourself a fan of the franchise, but for now, you might have to break old the old game itself to get your fix.

Joaquin Baldwin

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