Aerial Photos Show America’s Oozing Masses Of Pollution [Pics]

Aerial Photos Show America’s Oozing Masses Of Pollution [Pics]
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Lakes of toxic waste from large-scale animal farms look like infected wounds on the Earth's surface.

Ross Brooks
  • 21 august 2013

While researching oil fields, British artist Mishka Henner stumbled across something that looked like gaping wounds on the Earth’s surface. He soon discovered that they were feedlots, lakes of toxic waste which are a disastrous side-effect of beef farming across the US.

The aerial photographs capture the lakes of pollution which create dangerous hydrogen sulfide fumes and contaminate groundwater with nitrates and antibiotics.

Talking with FastCoExist, Henner said:

I think what the feedlots represent is a certain logic about how culture and society have evolved. On one level it’s absolutely terrifying, that this is what we’ve become. They’re not just feedlots. They’re how we are.


Aware of the damage being done, many factory farms have shown support for “ag-gag” bills, legislation that would make it illegal to enter animal farms to take pictures or record any video.

See more pictures below that make it difficult to deny the serious impact of animal farming:

Mishka Henner

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