Amazon Launches Wiki-Inspired Short Bios Of Historical Figures

Amazon Launches Wiki-Inspired Short Bios Of Historical Figures
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In response to how reading habits have changed, the retail giant is debuting a new “Icons” series which will bring short biographies to the Kindle.

Daniela Walker
  • 19 august 2013

There is no doubt that Amazon can now be counted as a major digital media publisher. On the back of licensing Kurt Vonnegut’s books for fan novels, Amazon will be launching a series of short biographies for Kindle, known as the ‘Icons’ series which will include people that range from Jesus to David Lynch.

The e-books will be short biographies for people who are interested but do not have the time to read 1000 pages on Jesus. While the religious leader will be Amazon’s first Icon, the other ten that have been announced vary from dictator to director, with Stalin, Edgar Allan Poe, Vincent Van Gogh, Alfred Hitchcock and the aformentioned Lynch all getting the annotated treatment.

James Atlas, former editor of the Penguin Lives biography series, who will editing the series said in a statement:

In a time when our fascination with the private aspects of public lives is so intense, it’s not surprising that biography has become one of the most prominent forms of narrative nonfiction. Yet reading habits have changed dramatically in the digital age and I am excited to bring these short biographies to the Kindle platform.


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