Augmented Reality Car Manual Animates Troubleshooting [Video]

Augmented Reality Car Manual Animates Troubleshooting [Video]

No more dealing with complicated car manuals thanks to this new app.

Ross Brooks
  • 15 august 2013

Car manuals are normally similar in size to an encyclopedia and often don’t offer much help – especially when you’re trying to figure out a simple problem. Thankfully, Audi has created a replacement manual for their A3 in the form of an augmented reality app.

The app is called eKurzinfo, and covers more than 300 different elements of the car – all of which are easy to identify with the iPhone’s camera. Apart from just identifying various parts of your car, the app can help you learn how to fix them as well.

If for example, the engine is overheating and the warning symbol comes on inside the car, you can scan it with the app to find out how to deal with the problem; it could be as simple as topping up the coolant.


The company is no stranger to augmented reality apps, but this latest addition to the family is a great example of how the company is making life easier for it’s customers.


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