Portrait Project Embraces People’s Awkward Years [Pics]

Portrait Project Embraces People’s Awkward Years [Pics]
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Merilee Allred documented a series of photos featuring people holding a picture from their adolescence.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 august 2013

Utah-based graphic designer Merilee Allred recently launched a project called The Awkward Years Project. The project is a portrait series that shows adults holding up a photo of them from their adolescent years.


According to the Tumblr site, the project started out with a conversation Allred had with a friend. Allred’s friend wasn’t convinced that she had any awkward years and to prove it, Allred sent her a picture. The picture was taken several years ago but it still had an effect on the designer.

The experience gave Allred the idea to start a project that shows a then-and-now look at people and helps them feel proud of the kind of person they have grown into.

My goal is to make this blog fun. I want people to be proud of who they’ve become. I want youth, especially those who are currently going through a rough time, to know that they are great people in the making.

See more before-and-after photos at The Awkward Years Project site and maybe even submit your own.



The Awkward Years Project


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