Popped Paint-Covered Balloons Reveal Intense Swirls Of Color [Pics]

Popped Paint-Covered Balloons Reveal Intense Swirls Of Color [Pics]
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Sound, magnetism, and air pressure are used to create these stunning images.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 august 2013

Fabian Oefner is a Swiss photographer who explores the different methods of manipulating paint with natural forces – so far he has used soundcentrifugal force, and even magnetism.

His latest project is called Liquid Jewel and makes use of the air pressure generated when a balloon is popped.

To capture these stunning images, Oefner covers modeling balloons in thick layers of acrylic paint and photographs each one milliseconds after popping it with a needle. The resulting effect captures the paint as its driven simultaneously inward and outward.


One particular feature to watch out for is how individual shades start to mix with each other, blue and magenta becomes violet, red and yellow becomes orange, all within a few microseconds. This effect is fleeting, only able to be seen when frozen in time within a photograph.

See some of the color combinations for yourself:

Fabian Oefner


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