Piers Fawkes: What Are The Best American Brands?

Piers Fawkes: What Are The Best American Brands?

What are your favorite Made-In-America companies that for years delivered great products that set themselves apart?

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 25 august 2013

Earlier this week I appeared as a judge for the Made In America pitch night where start-ups and small manufacturers pitched their products with the hope that they will be sold at Rachel Shechtman’s STORY shop in Chelsea. As I prepared to sit alongside creative leaders including Made Movement’s Alex Bogusky and STORY founder Rachel Shechtman, I had been thinking a lot about great, admired American brands.

But who are these Made-In-America brands? If you take a moment to get past the muscle-memory response of thinking of certain soda brands, beer companies and car companies, I believe that there are some incredible American companies that pride themselves with fantastic quality while making their product in the USA. Ones that many of you grew up with, others that we discovered along the way.

I am doing some research and I would love to get your suggestions in this Google Form on great all-time American companies. We are not looking for that soda or beer or fast food brand that has spent too many marketing dollars waving flags, we’re looking for that company that has set itself apart not through advertising spend but for many years by delivering a great Made-In-America product that set itself apart from the competition.


I am thinking about brands like Friedrich who make the superior air-conditioning units, Weber who produce what people believe are the best grills out there, Boar’s Head who have fed the deli-goers for decades, even brands that bubble on the edge of pop-culture like John Deere. The companies who are out there deep in the country – and I especially want to think about brands that have been around for over 25 years to prove their quality.

Would you complete this simple survey in a Google Form and I will use your answers to create a report on the best American brands out there today.

… if you click ‘See Previous Responses’ after you submit the form (you may have to scroll up) – you can see everyone else’s answers. Also, you don’t have to be American to take this survey – or even live in the US. You all experience great Made-In-America brands wherever you live.

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