Big Mac Packaging Eliminates The Takeout Bag [Pics]

Big Mac Packaging Eliminates The Takeout Bag [Pics]

Industrial design student Rob Bye thought up a new type of concept McDonald’s box which attaches a paper cup holder to the outside.

Emma Hutchings
  • 30 august 2013

Industrial design student Rob Bye studies at Brunel University in London but is currently on exchange to TU Delft in the Netherlands, where he came up with this McDonald’s packaging redesign as part of his Masters Course. The Big Mac meal packaging eliminates the need for a brown take-out bag by attaching a paper cup holder to the burger box, which can also be used to contain fries.

Concept Big Mac Meal Packaging Eliminates The Takeout Bag [Pics]

Bye observed that most staff place the fries on top of the burger box when packing an order, so decided to combine them into a single unit. This is a great idea, as lots of customers tip their fries into their box when eating their meal anyway.

The box is easy to carry with one hand and supports the drink so it stays securely in place. There is also a tearable snack flap, enabling the fries to be eaten on the go without fully opening the box.

The packaging could be adapted to suit any type of meal by changing the height. The branding is easily identifiable as McDonald’s and the packaging mirrors the existing burger box while incorporating the iconic fries design.

The new design weighs only 28g compared to the 50g of existing packaging and is easy to flatten, minimizing the space that the waste takes up. Click through to see pictures of the concept design:

Rob Bye

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