Special Font Allows The Blind & Fully Sighted To Read Out Loud Together [Video]

Special Font Allows The Blind & Fully Sighted To Read Out Loud Together [Video]

BBDO has created a storybook featuring a combination of braille and the alphabet.

Yi Chen
  • 30 august 2013

Thailand Association of the Blind recently approached BBDO Proximity with a unique and difficult brief: How do you create equality for a blind and fully sighted person when it comes to reading?

The agency created ‘The Storybook for All Eyes’ that involved developing a special font where children of any vision can read out loud together. The font combines braille with the English alphabet. In addition, illustrations in the book were embossed with a hidden image for the visually impaired to discover.


The aim of the storybook was to change people’s behavior and attitude when it comes to how visually impaired people are perceived. Rather than seeing it as a handicap, the Thailand Association of the Blind wants to highlight that there are ways to make learning equal for children with any sight-abilities.

Watch the video below:

Thailand Association of the Blind


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