Book-Exchange Benches Supply New Reading Material Every Day [Video]

Book-Exchange Benches Supply New Reading Material Every Day [Video]
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Ruilbank are public seating featuring red metal clips that can hold newspapers or books.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 7 august 2013

Though the end of September, public benches in nine spots around Amsterdam will be supplied with different reading materials every day as part of the Ruilbank project by Pivot Creative.

The benches are fitted with red metal clips that can hold a newspaper or a book. People who happen to find themselves on that bench are welcome to read the material, take it home, bring it back or exchange it with another material.


Everyday different sponsors like the city public library and the Het Parool newspaper will be supplying each bench with something new to read.

The project aims to create ‘sharing spaces and trigger connections among people through the exchange of reading material.’

To find out more about the project and the locations of the benches, you can check out the Ruilbank website.



Watch this short clip about the project below.



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