Shirt Tailoring System Based On Bra Sizes Promises Women A Perfect Fit

Shirt Tailoring System Based On Bra Sizes Promises Women A Perfect Fit

Women can shop for white button-up shirts by their bust measurements on the new InStyle Essentials.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 20 august 2013

Finding a well-fitting button-down shirt can be a challenge for most women. Sometimes a shirt that fits well in the chest area may be too loose around the waist, while finding a shirt that fits well around the waist can mean an uncomfortably snug chest.

The editors of InStyle magazine have come out with a collection of white button-up shirts that are based on a patented sizing system which allows women to find the perfect shirt using their bra sizes.

InStyle Essentials uses the TrioFit sizing system for their collection of shirts. TrioFit, developed in 2009 by co-founders Rebecca Matchett and Drew Paluba, sizes the bust and band line independently, providing an almost custom fit to women.

InStyle Essentials’s The Perfect White Shirt Collection is the first to ever use the unique measurement system and includes 30 sizes that range from 32B to 40H. The collection comes in three styles–the classic button-front, the weekend tunic, and the bow blouse.

The collection will be launched in the September issue of the magazine, the largest issue in InStyle’s history.



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