Bra-Dispensing Vending Machine Eliminates Salespeople

Bra-Dispensing Vending Machine Eliminates Salespeople

Lingerie company Wacoal came out with a bra vending machine at its Une Nana Cool store in Shibuya, Japan.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 august 2013

We’ve definitely seen a lot of interesting things come out in Japan. The latest is a vending machine that dispenses bras.

Lingerie company Wacoal recently unveiled a bra vending machine at its Une NaNa Cool brand specialty shop in Shibuya, Japan.

The vending machine is stocked with the brand’s wireless Fun Fun Week bras. Customers can check out a sizing chart displayed on the machine, insert their money, select the item, and watch the machine dispense the bra.



It seems the idea was to make it easier and faster for customers to buy bras, but some women may be hesitant to purchase something without making sure it fits perfectly by trying it on.

The vending machine will be at the Une Nana Cool Shibuya shop until the end of the month and will be available at the Futako-Tamagawa branch in September.



Images via Wacoal and Kotaku



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