New Dance Form Fuses Breakdancing With Sign Spinning [Video]

New Dance Form Fuses Breakdancing With Sign Spinning [Video]

Daft Signz is an LA-based group that combine street performance moves with sign twirling typically done by walking advertisements.

Daniela Walker
  • 19 august 2013

Sign twirling has long been the remit of the human billboard – those brave men and women who spend hours a day on their feet, often in a hot unventilated costume, twirling a sign to get customers into Barry’s Burrito Bar or some such establishment. In LA, where sidewalk sign spinning is prolific, a group of individuals have taken sign spinning and combined it with breakdancing to create a wholly unique art form: Daft Signz.

These sign spinners take twirling up a notch by combining it with complex moves, to create a street art performance never before seen. In a video by Randall Stevens Industries, the company for writing and directing duo Nicolas Randall and Joe Stevens, we see four sign spinners perform their moves on LA sidewalks to Daft Punk’s Lose Yourself To Dance. Apparently the group gather every Wednesday to “celebrate this California-born phenomenon.” This new form of self-expression is both eye-catching and an innovative marketing technique, grabbing the attention of passersby much more than a regular human billboard.

Check out Daft Signz in the video below:

Daft Signz


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