Handcrafted Business Cards Feature Personal Mantras [Pics]

Handcrafted Business Cards Feature Personal Mantras [Pics]

Letterpress printed mementos that make self-promotion more memorable

Ross Brooks
  • 23 august 2013

Designer Arianna Orland has teamed up with to create Paper Jam, a high-end line of business cards that each feature words of wisdom in the form of a memorable affirmation or meditation.

The idea for these personalized business cards stems from Arianna’s hobby of making hand-printed letterpress posters. A practice that allows her to get back to the root of her craft, using ink, paper, and heavy machinery – not to mention creating one-of-a-kind designs.

Some of the mantras include: “The World Is Yours,” “Everyday I’m Hustlin,” and “Today Was A Good Day.”


Luxe business cards are not only unique, they are made using the gold standard of paper quality – 600gsm/32pt – giving them a weight and feel that will be hard to forget if you happen to be handed one.

Arianna Orland


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