Car Keys Conceal Tiny Mobile Phones [Pics]

Car Keys Conceal Tiny Mobile Phones [Pics]

Small cellphones that look like car key fobs are becoming a cause for concern.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 22 august 2013

Tiny cellphones that look like key fobs for high-end cars are becoming a big concern over at the UK. It seems that the China-made small mobile phones are being marketed towards prison inmates.

The Times reported that the miniature cellphones have been smuggled into prisons, where they are illegal since they can be used by inmates to direct criminal activities from the inside. Possession of a mobile phone inside a prison is a criminal offense with a two-year sentence and a fine.

The small cellphones, which feature the logos of car brands like BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Bentley, and Audi, are available to buy on large online retailers like eBay and Amazon, and sell for around £40 per unit. Although lacking in internet capabilities, the cellphones have the basic call and text functions.


Apparently the sellers of these tiny mobiles emphasize the phones’ low metal content, which makes it easy to hide them and evade metal detectors.

Over 7,000 phones and SIM cards were confiscated in prisons in Wales and England last year, and government and prison officials are continuing to crack down on the issue. The National Trading Standards Board and the Serious Organised Crime Agency are working to ban the products for sale in the UK. Officials have alerted car manufacturers and online retailers to make them aware of the issue. A law that will allow the prisons to destroy confiscated mobile phones has also been proposed.


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