How Cardboard Is Becoming A Sought-After Design Material [Video]

How Cardboard Is Becoming A Sought-After Design Material [Video]
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The famed architect builds emergency shelters out of cardboard tubes and paper, exploring the possibilities of these cost-effective materials.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 august 2013

Famed architect Shigeru Ban builds structures from cardboard tubes and paper. Often used as temporary housing and emergency shelters to help those in disaster-struck areas, some remain a permanent part of the landscape after they’ve served their intended purpose.

Ban, who is behind the Cardboard Cathedral in New Zealand, explores the possibilities that these affordable and cost-effective materials offer to construction. He first began experimenting with them in 1986, continuing to test new ideas of form and material.

How Shigeru Ban Is Elevating Cardboard To A Sought-After Material [Video]

At a recent talk filmed at TEDxTokyo, Ban spoke of his feelings that architecture had lost its way. Instead, he is committed to creating useful buildings for different communities.

I was disappointed in my profession. We are working for privileged people, for rich people, for government and developers. They have money and power, and those are invisible, so they hire us to visualize their power and money by making monuments of architecture.

You can watch the TED talk below:

Shigeru Ban

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