Filmmaker Develops Simple Way To Retrieve Lost Stuff

Filmmaker Develops Simple Way To Retrieve Lost Stuff
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Casey Neistat is constantly losing his keys, wallet, cellphone. In his new movie, shares reason why he tends to get them back.

Kyana Gordon
  • 19 august 2013

Losing things can be the worst, especially if it’s an essential like your keys, wallet, or iPhone. But, even the most responsible of people has had one of their belongings fall out of their pocket or bag. Filmmaker, Casey Neistat admits he isn’t the most responsible person when it comes to keeping track of his stuff. But, instead of letting his ability to lose things get him down, Neistat saw it as an opportunity to highlight the altruism in the world with a call to action for people to “Do The Right Thing.”

He came up with a simple idea: Let bad things happen on purpose to see the good in people really shine. Neistat says in the video. “It puts the onus on whoever finds it to be honorable – and nothing’s more valuable than honor.” To encourage noble behavior, Neistat made a bunch of stickers scribbled with “Please do the right thing,” including a spot for a telephone number. Affix one to your wallet and other valuables, and watch how humanity reacts.

Casey Neistat

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