A Living Room Built With Feline Companions In Mind [Pics]

A Living Room Built With Feline Companions In Mind [Pics]
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Created by design firm Hey!Cheese, the I-CHI Cat House is an interior designed with built-in features for pets.

Daniela Walker
  • 1 august 2013

For all those people who love cats, Taiwanese creative agency Hey!Cheese has designed the interiors of a Cat House – a living space for humans, but with design considerations for their feline companions.

The ambient, softly lit I-CHI Cat House’s most predominant animal-friendly feature is the bookshelves. While cats are known to climb and jump on furniture, these bookshelves are designed specifically for cats to explore, like little ramps or mid-air sidewalks.  There is also a scratching post and paw print cubby to keep the cat from messing up the actual furniture.  While many people make modifications to their homes to accommodate their pets, the Cat House is built with cats in mind.

Check out the gallery below to see more of the Cat House:



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