Ceramic Containers Harness Refrigerator Heat To Keep Produce Fresh [Pics]

Ceramic Containers Harness Refrigerator Heat To Keep Produce Fresh [Pics]
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Industrial designer creates a new way to keep fruit and vegetables crisp using excess energy.

Ross Brooks
  • 29 august 2013

For anyone who has never been comfortable with the idea of storing fruit and vegetables in the fridge, there is a new solution that sits on top of the fridge to keep produce fresher, longer.

Fabio Molinas is the industrial designer who came up with the idea for OLTU – a storage unit made of ceramic containers that use the heat emitted from your fridge to keep goods at the optimum temperature and humidity.


Seeing as the heat emitted from refrigerators is wasted energy, the designer asked: “Why not use it to cool the stack containers by evaporation?”

As heat rises and reacts with the two clays walls – which contain a layer of water between them – the temperature lowers and creates the perfect environment for fresh produce. Click through the gallery below to see more images of the innovative design.

Fabio Molinas

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